Mark Webber

F1 Hero

Webber’s WEC And Ride London Event

Mark Webber was one of the leading drivers in the World Endurance Championship as he successfully hit out at the safety car process virtually.

The racing champion said that the WEC system turned round 4 of the series of 2016 into a lottery during the event. He also said that there was more work which could have been done as far as the full course yellows were concerned. It is similar to Russian roulette as of now for Webber. It was a mixed up competition as they lost some precious time during the full course yellow time as the car which was in front of Webber was not travelling at 80km per hour as per regulations. Andre Lotterer who was also an equal part with Mark Webber agreed to Webber.

Subsequently Webber and his team won the race soon after the clash of Lieb with a back marker taking place. The Australian racing driver made his debut in Formula 1 in 2002 and is seen as one of the successful drivers today. Besides racing cars, cycling is also one of the activities Webber is passionate about and hence he took part in a cycling race event.

There was something exciting line up for Webber on 29th July. He took part as a celebrity cyclist with 24,000 other participants in the Ride London event. He was very excited as he had to race on the closed roads and took it up as a great challenge. Webber shifted to England in the year 1995 and resided in Buckinghamshire since then. Like many other grand prix drivers, Webber also had a fascination for cycling as a sport and also for the fitness benefits. However, this cycling race was completely different and new to him. Every mile was a mile that he never rode before. All in all, it was a great experience for Webber.