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Mark Webber says Vettel better off at Ferrari

Former Formula One driver Mark Webber has said that former teammate Sebastian Vettel will be better off with Ferrari after going through a lot of struggle with Red Bull Racing last year.

The Aussie and the German were stable mates at the Austrian team between 2009 and 2013 –  a period of complete dominance for the team during which it won four consecutive Formula One Constructors’ Championships and Vettel became a fur time Formula One drivers’ champion. However, the 27 year old struggled to come to terms with the car last season and comprehensively overshadowed by Daniel Ricciardo, who replaced Webber in the team.

And speaking of his move to Ferrari this season, the Australian said that Vettel is not a silly guy and he realised he needed a fresh challenge and new motivations and he frankly believes that the decision to leave Red Bull Racing was made very early in the season, probably even before the start of it.

Mark Webber added that Red Bull Racing will definitely miss Vettel but they couldn’t have done anything else when the driver himself wanted a change of scenery, where he might think that he could get a lot more out of himself. Continue reading “Mark Webber says Vettel better off at Ferrari”

Vettel likely To Perform Better This Year According To Mark Webber

Mark Webber thinks that Sebastian Vettel will be able to do a lot better this year with team Ferrari than what he was able to do the year before with Red Bull team. Both drivers were in the same team, Red Bull from 2009 to 2013.

Those four seasons were some of the best ones of the German driver. Vettel was unable to perform to the best of his ability last year and Daniel Ricciardo, who was the replacement of Mark Webber in the team, actually managed to beat him.

Mark Webber said that Vettel takes formula one racing very seriously. Webber thinks that Vettel felt the need to feel more motivated to win and also felt the need for making some key changes to be able to perform better in this season and thus he decided to join Ferrari team. Webber thinks that Vettel made his decision of leaving Red Bull and joining Ferrari quite some time ago. Webber said that he thinks Vettel made this decision even before the 2015 season started. Webber said that an individual, after taking the decision of doing something different than what he/she had been doing, then he/she should, by any means alter his/her conditions in order to be able to perform to the best of his ability. Continue reading “Vettel likely To Perform Better This Year According To Mark Webber”

Impact Angle Saved Mark Webber

Former driver of Formula 1 Mark Weber points out that serious injury was avoided by him as the correct angle prevented him out at the correct time. After the accident he had to spend the entire night at a local hospital. In 2013 he quit the F1 game. He thanked everybody for showering blessings and support towards him. He had a bruise and a headache which seemed incurable.

Former F1 driver Rubens also visited him. Going by the recollections he states that he collided with Ferrari. The website of Australia pointed out that he was under cure at the hospital. Medical centre is where rivers of both the teams were taken at. Continue reading “Impact Angle Saved Mark Webber”