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Mark Webber Comment For Red Bull

Often it takes the opinion of past champions like Mark Webber to comment on team performances and practice sessions.

For instance, the winter sessions of Red Bull were compared to shadow boxing but that is not something that Mark Webber agrees on. Being a former driver in F1 he should know better. The pre season low key performance given by Red Bull was supported by Mark as he stated that his team’s performance should not be gauged from how they perform during shadow boxing sessions. As 2017 sees several rule changes in the circuit, the focus is shifting back to aerodynamics. Hence, many fans expected to see aggressive changes being put to practice in driving skills and automobiles by the Red Bull team. Indeed, before the main season begun, the winter tests were seen to be indicative of the game plans that the different teams have. As for the Red Bull team, many felt that the new parts introduced for RB13 were limited and reliability issues remained with the powers of the Renault model used by the team.

Webber, however, has supported his team that he drove for in 2013 as well as in 2009. He feels that it is wrong to make an assumption of the Red Bull team and their performance potential for the upcoming season based on the winter test runs. He states that Red Bull teams never put in their hundred percent in test runs when the grandstands are empty. Even though the team was not able to achieve great mileage, these might be certain limitations at that time and should not be taken seriously as an indicator of how the team will perform. Red Bull definitely needs support from its past champions like Mark Webber and most fans will surely be intrigued in seeing how the Australian Grand Prix works out for the RB team.