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In order to help British F4 driver, Billy Monger take care of bills and other treatments so as to aid in his care and recovery, motorsport community in unison has been able to raise a total of £490,000 for the teen.

The horrendous crash which occurred during a race on Sunday at the Donington Park rocked the motorsport world. The 17-year old teenager collided with the stationary car of PatrikPasma who had taken a spin and was still recovering from it during the weekend’s final race.

For almost 90 minutes, Monger remained stuck in his car before he was finally evacuated and airlifted to a hospital. Although in a critical but stable condition, Monger was placed in an induced coma. His vital signs are showing progress. In the next few days, it is expected that he would be woken from the coma.Unfortunately, the crash resulted in his losing both legs and his lower legs had to be amputated.

Steven Hunter, his JHR Developments team boss set up a Just Giving page on Wednesdaywith the target of raising £260,000 to help out in the treatment and recovery process of the teenager.

In just a few hours, the set target was reached and even surpassed. More than 10,000 donations have been made from all over the world and messages oaring their support and well wishes to his family has flooded social media.

Across the motorsport community, racing drivers have showed their support, including F1 champions Jenson Button and as well as race winners Felipe Massa andMark Webber.

Latter updates by Hunter revealed that Monger was out of induced coma.

“He’s aware of his injuries. He’s exceptionally positive about the situation – he’s sat there working out how to use a clutch on the steering wheel with his hands.”