Mark Webber

Mark Alan Webber is a professional motorsport racer from Australia and he is currently plying his trade for the constructors’ champions Red Bull racing in the Formula 1 circuit. He was born on the 27th of August, 1976 in a simple family where his father was a motorcycle dealer and his mother was just a simple housewife. Webber was interested in sports from his very childhood and he used to spend his afternoons as a ball boy for the Canberra Raiders that was the champion rugby team of the Australian premiership at that time. However, it was in motorsport that his heart truly lay and he has also listed the names of former Formula 1 world champion Alain Prost and Grand Prix motorcycle winner Kevin Schwantz as his idols. Webber started out his racing career with motorcycles and it was not until quite late in 1991, when he was 14 years old that he shifted to four wheels and go karts. He was crowned the champion in New South Wales State Championship in 1993 and from there, he moved up to the Australian Formula Ford championship. He finished in the 14th overall position in his first season and in his next season, he was able to achieve fourth position overall after a few podium finishes on the way.

Mark Alan Webber met championship coordinator Ann Neal during this time and she secured a seven year sponsorship deal with Australian Yellow Pages for him and became Webber’s manager as well. Webber moved to England and raced at the Formula Ford Festival at Brands Hatch and in 1996, at the British Formula Ford Championship as well. In 1997, he moved up to Formula Three but due to financial restraints, he almost had to quit midway through the season before he got significant held from Australian rugby legend David Campese. Mark Alan Webber signed for Minardi in the 2002 season and made his first foray into Formula 1bewfore switching to the Ford owned Jaguar in before the start of the 2003 season, where he stayed till the end of the 2004 season. He raced for the Williams team for the 2005 and 2006 seasons before joining his current team Red Bull Racing before the start of the 2007 season. It was with Red Bull Racing that Mark Alan Webber was able to achieve his dream of standing at the top of the podium and all 6 of his victories have come with Red Bull Racing.

Vettel likely To Perform Better This Year According To Mark Webber

Mark Webber thinks that Sebastian Vettel will be able to do a lot better this year with team Ferrari than what he was able to do the year before with Red Bull team. Both drivers were in the same team, Red Bull from 2009 to 2013.

Those four seasons were some of the best ones of the German driver. Vettel was unable to perform to the best of his ability last year and Daniel Ricciardo, who was the replacement of Mark Webber in the team, actually managed to beat him.

Mark Webber said that Vettel takes formula one racing very seriously. Webber thinks that Vettel felt the need to feel more motivated to win and also felt the need for making some key changes to be able to perform better in this season and thus he decided to join Ferrari team. Webber thinks that Vettel made his decision of leaving Red Bull and joining Ferrari quite some time ago. Webber said that he thinks Vettel made this decision even before the 2015 season started. Webber said that an individual, after taking the decision of doing something different than what he/she had been doing, then he/she should, by any means alter his/her conditions in order to be able to perform to the best of his ability.

Impact Angle Saved Mark Webber

Former driver of Formula 1 Mark Weber points out that serious injury was avoided by him as the correct angle prevented him out at the correct time. After the accident he had to spend the entire night at a local hospital. In 2013 he quit the F1 game. He thanked everybody for showering blessings and support towards him. He had a bruise and a headache which seemed incurable.

Former F1 driver Rubens also visited him. Going by the recollections he states that he collided with Ferrari. The website of Australia pointed out that he was under cure at the hospital. Medical centre is where rivers of both the teams were taken at.

Mark Webber Not Seriously Injured After Crash

Mark Webber wasn’t seriously injured after he crashed in the last race of World Racing Championship of this season.

The race took place in Brazil. Mark Webber’s car collided with the car of Matteo Cressoni and it crashed into the safety wall after which the car went aflame. But it appeared that the driver was unhurt after the crash. When Webber was being taken away in a stretcher he waved at the crowd ad showed thumbs up indicating that he was OK. Afterwards it was confirmed that Webber’s condition wasn’t serious.

The news of the crash was published in the FIA official website. It was also mentioned there that both Matteo Cressoni and Mark Webber were at first taken to the medical centre of the circuit for a preliminary check up after which they were taken to a local hospital. It also indicated that both the drivers were not seriously injured. In a tweet, team Porsche said that the crash was quite intense and they also said that their driver is OK. It was shared through the official facebook account of Mark Webber that he is awake after the crash, the fact that he was taken to medical centre was also mentioned in the post. It was also mentioned in the post that any news in this regard will be shared as soon as there is a development. Cressoni was declared OK after he was checked on the side of the track by Medics after the crash.

In the race, Webber was trying to secure for Porsche the season’s first victory. Webber participated in 12 seasons of formula one racing. He quit formula one in 2013. Some racers who used to be rivals of Webber wished him well after the crash. Jenson Button mentioned in his tweet that he is happy to see that Webber is OK after the crash. He also said that the crash was quite intense.