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Sebastian Vettel’s temperament is under the spotlight again after the Ferrari driver’s hopes of seizing back the Formula One lead disappeared in a few seconds of mayhem at the Singapore Grand Prix.

The German, his fast-starting teammate Kimi Raikkonen and Red Bull’s Max Verstappen crashed out as they raced to the first corner.

Stewards summoned all three drivers after the race but decided none was wholly or predominantly to blame.

The view was not shared by others who either pointed the finger at Verstappen or accused Vettel of needless aggression at a key point in the championship.

Long before Hamilton had stretched his lead to 28 points with six races remaining, Ferrari’s official Twitter feed stated that “VER (Verstappen) took #Kimi7 out and then he went to #Seb5.”

Television footage and in-car cameras showed Raikkonen making a storming getaway from fourth on the grid and around Verstappen on the outside.

Vettel, on pole, was slower off the line and steered left to squeeze Verstappen, who kept his car straight and was pincered by the Ferraris. Continue reading “WEBBER SLAMS VETTEL OVER SINGAPORE CRASH”


In order to help British F4 driver, Billy Monger take care of bills and other treatments so as to aid in his care and recovery, motorsport community in unison has been able to raise a total of £490,000 for the teen.

The horrendous crash which occurred during a race on Sunday at the Donington Park rocked the motorsport world. The 17-year old teenager collided with the stationary car of PatrikPasma who had taken a spin and was still recovering from it during the weekend’s final race.

For almost 90 minutes, Monger remained stuck in his car before he was finally evacuated and airlifted to a hospital. Although in a critical but stable condition, Monger was placed in an induced coma. His vital signs are showing progress. In the next few days, it is expected that he would be woken from the coma.Unfortunately, the crash resulted in his losing both legs and his lower legs had to be amputated.

Steven Hunter, his JHR Developments team boss set up a Just Giving page on Wednesdaywith the target of raising £260,000 to help out in the treatment and recovery process of the teenager. Continue reading “BILLY MONGER: MOTORSPORT COMMUNITY RAISES ALMOST £500K”

Mark Webber Comment For Red Bull

Often it takes the opinion of past champions like Mark Webber to comment on team performances and practice sessions.

For instance, the winter sessions of Red Bull were compared to shadow boxing but that is not something that Mark Webber agrees on. Being a former driver in F1 he should know better. The pre season low key performance given by Red Bull was supported by Mark as he stated that his team’s performance should not be gauged from how they perform during shadow boxing sessions. As 2017 sees several rule changes in the circuit, the focus is shifting back to aerodynamics. Hence, many fans expected to see aggressive changes being put to practice in driving skills and automobiles by the Red Bull team. Indeed, before the main season begun, the winter tests were seen to be indicative of the game plans that the different teams have. As for the Red Bull team, many felt that the new parts introduced for RB13 were limited and reliability issues remained with the powers of the Renault model used by the team. Continue reading “Mark Webber Comment For Red Bull”


Former RedBull racer Mark Webber has been participating actively in competitive racing since 2014 and has had an awesome career.

However, it would seem that his time on the track has been brought to a glorious end as Mark Webber has decided that he will be retiring from the sport.

Webber announced that he is set to retire from professional racing at the end of the season. It will no doubt come as sad news for fans as he has had quite an impressive career. The 40-year old Webber had quit the mainstream racing some three years ago when he stopped racing at the formula 1 but continued with his pursuits at the world endurance championship, he proved himself to be an outstanding athlete as he won the title in 2015.

He had spent three consecutive seasons with Porsche in the sports car category and upon his retirement, he will become a representative for the German car maker, this will be after his final outing in the season ending at Bahrain.

Webber himself seems quite contented with his racing career as he is happy to leave the sport on a good note, he is happy to remain with his favorite brand as has said that he is looking forward to his new tasks. Continue reading “MARK WEBBER RETIRES FROM RACING”


This weekend in Bahrain, there were a lot of emotions on the track and the pit wall after Mark Webber, one of the most popular drivers’ on the track, finished his last competitive race.

Webber, who had forged a quite impressive Formula One career, had won nine races, before he turned his attention in 2013 to the World Endurance Championship (WEC).

The Australian, who has cemented his place in the history books of Motorsports by winning the WEC title last year, along with fellow Porsche team-mates, Brendon Hartley and Timo Bernhard, had also played his part in four race wins and has seen a lot of success in this season as well.

Webber, has however decided to bow out while the ovation is still at the loudest and he still is at the top of the game. He believes it is a good time for him to stop and he is hopeful that sooner, he would be able to see everyone once again.

He began his driving career in Formula One in 2002 as an F1 driver for the Minardi team and he had this to say on the life of an F1 driver, Continue reading “WEBBER BOWS OUT IN BAHRAIN”

Webber’s WEC And Ride London Event

Mark Webber was one of the leading drivers in the World Endurance Championship as he successfully hit out at the safety car process virtually.

The racing champion said that the WEC system turned round 4 of the series of 2016 into a lottery during the event. He also said that there was more work which could have been done as far as the full course yellows were concerned. It is similar to Russian roulette as of now for Webber. It was a mixed up competition as they lost some precious time during the full course yellow time as the car which was in front of Webber was not travelling at 80km per hour as per regulations. Andre Lotterer who was also an equal part with Mark Webber agreed to Webber.

Subsequently Webber and his team won the race soon after the clash of Lieb with a back marker taking place. The Australian racing driver made his debut in Formula 1 in 2002 and is seen as one of the successful drivers today. Besides racing cars, cycling is also one of the activities Webber is passionate about and hence he took part in a cycling race event.
Continue reading “Webber’s WEC And Ride London Event”

Mark Webber Ready To Defend His Title In The Endurance Races

Mark Webber is an instance of how one needs to be a tortoise in the race to stick around for long even when the going gets tough.

He should know as he had been trying to get into Formula One for twelve years. He has been in direct conflict with Sebastian Vettel, his Red Bull contemporary. However, Webber found results for the efforts he put in by winning his first title in 2015 in the world racing championships.

This Australian driver, known for his non nonsense attitude, won in the category of the World Endurance Championship, which reflects the hard work and tenacity he has been putting in over more than a decade on the tracks. Porsche has been his long term ally. He would now be defending his title in the races this weekend. The WEC weekend starts at Silverstone circuit in Great Britain. The transition that has happened from F1 to endurance races is talked about by Mark Webber on different media channels.

He explains that driving for endurance races is akin to driving on freeways. There are people driving slow and fast and many are not sure of the lane they should stick to. There are four classes in this kind of race. The speeds are different in all categories. There are GTE Pro-Am cars of the sports categories as well as LMP1 prototype futuristic models. Hence, amateurs are pitted against professionals in such races. Continue reading “Mark Webber Ready To Defend His Title In The Endurance Races”