Mark Webber

Mark Alan Webber is a professional motorsport racer from Australia and he is currently plying his trade for the constructors’ champions Red Bull racing in the Formula 1 circuit. He was born on the 27th of August, 1976 in a simple family where his father was a motorcycle dealer and his mother was just a simple housewife. Webber was interested in sports from his very childhood and he used to spend his afternoons as a ball boy for the Canberra Raiders that was the champion rugby team of the Australian premiership at that time. However, it was in motorsport that his heart truly lay and he has also listed the names of former Formula 1 world champion Alain Prost and Grand Prix motorcycle winner Kevin Schwantz as his idols. Webber started out his racing career with motorcycles and it was not until quite late in 1991, when he was 14 years old that he shifted to four wheels and go karts. He was crowned the champion in New South Wales State Championship in 1993 and from there, he moved up to the Australian Formula Ford championship. He finished in the 14th overall position in his first season and in his next season, he was able to achieve fourth position overall after a few podium finishes on the way.

Mark Alan Webber met championship coordinator Ann Neal during this time and she secured a seven year sponsorship deal with Australian Yellow Pages for him and became Webber’s manager as well. Webber moved to England and raced at the Formula Ford Festival at Brands Hatch and in 1996, at the British Formula Ford Championship as well. In 1997, he moved up to Formula Three but due to financial restraints, he almost had to quit midway through the season before he got significant held from Australian rugby legend David Campese. Mark Alan Webber signed for Minardi in the 2002 season and made his first foray into Formula 1bewfore switching to the Ford owned Jaguar in before the start of the 2003 season, where he stayed till the end of the 2004 season. He raced for the Williams team for the 2005 and 2006 seasons before joining his current team Red Bull Racing before the start of the 2007 season. It was with Red Bull Racing that Mark Alan Webber was able to achieve his dream of standing at the top of the podium and all 6 of his victories have come with Red Bull Racing.

Mark Webber

Mark Webber was born in New South Wales. He started off as a motorcycle racer and then shifted base to four wheelers in 1991. He took up karting at the age of 14. After winning the New South Wales National Championship in 1993 he moved straight to the Australian Formula Ford Championship. He worked as a driving instructor at Sydney’s Oran Park raceway between races. However he managed to finish 14th overall in his rookie year. In 1995 he scored several victories including the support race for Australian Grand Prix at Adelaide. Securing the fourth position and co-ordinating with Ann Neal fetched him a seven-year sponsorship with the Australian Yellow Pages.

In spite of the financial crisis faced by Mark Webber and his team in 1997 Championship Campaign he managed to take victory in his fourth ever Formula Three race. He even managed to set a new lap record while leading all the way from the beginning till the finish. During this very year he was approached by Mercedes-AMG to complete in a sports car race and he was signed as the official Mercedes works junior driver for the 1998 FIA GT championship along with Bernd Schneider. He remained with them till 1999 when he was promoted to his own race car for the season. However the glory was short lived after he flipped twice on the Mulsanne straight during the 1999 24 hours of Le Men’s race practice.

Mark Webber’s introduction to the Formula One world was through Paul Stoddart, who gave the former completed a two day test at Barcelona in December 1999 for the arrows F1 team. In 2000 he was signed as a test driver by the same. The same year he was sponsored by Foster’s in the formula 3000 races. Mark Webber made his formula one debut at the Australian grand prix in 2000.

Webber Looks Back To His F1 Days

Mark Webber has said that it is always difficult for any young Australian to make a mark in the Formula 1 championships. The legend who has left the Formula 1 after 13 long years still has enough respect for the game and has no hard feeling for Daniel Ricciardo who has apparently taken his spot in the Porsche team. Daniel will now pair up with Sebastian Vettel this season. Webber is of the opinion that nowadays there are fewer drivers from Antipodes and he still believes that qualifying for Europe is one of the first things that drivers need to do and they need to do it as early as possible.

While discussing about the Australians being a part of the Formula 1 championships Webber said that it has become too expensive for any Australian to go out and prove that they also have mettle to win the Championship. Previously also it was difficult and with time it is becoming all the more difficult. Apart from Australia he also mentioned New Zealand as a part of this category where people who are fond of driving in F1 championships find it difficult to prove their quality because of the lack of money.

He believes that there is a bunch of talents both in Australia and in New Zealand. During his days there were not much people who used to know about this sport but as days went the craze for Formula 1 and now there are thousands of people who follow this game very closely and many of them aspire to become the next Mark Webber or Michael Schumacher or Lewis Hamilton. But the fans would just have to be content driving the cars in their own country because of the simple fact that the expense for this sport is too high and that is something that is really sad.